Early bird discount for VIEW Conference 2017 ends soon

Early bird discount for VIEW Conference 2017 ends soon

learning | September 15, 2017

The VIEW Conference, which takes place in Turin, Italy on October 23 – 27, brings together professionals in the animation, visual effects, virtual reality, digital design and gaming industries. It’s a highlight of the northern hemisphere’s autumn season. From a vfx standpoint, there are numerous speakers including Joe Letteri, John Nelson, Bill Westenhofer, Scott Stokdyk, Martin Hill, Christopher Townsend, Randy Lake, Martyn Culpitt, Mike Ford, Victor Perez (who has taught courses here at fxphd), and more.

But what is great about the conference is its diversity. It brings together professionals in the animation, visual effects, virtual reality, digital design and gaming industries. There is one main theater where the talks are scheduled and what’s nice about that is that you don’t end up with the conflicts that inevitably happen at big conferences. There are also interactive workshops as well as master classes taught by the speakers.

Early bird discounts are ending soon; details can be found at the VIEW Conference web site.

Many of the speakers are returning guests, having seen firsthand the enthusiasm of the attendees and the conference organizers. The importance of these high level vfx/games/industry professionals coming to Turin shouldn’t be understated. It brings a bit of SIGGRAPH and FMX to an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn and be inspired. As conference director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez points out, “One of the special reasons to attend VIEW is that our speakers like to stay for the entire week and attend talks given by the other speakers, so our attendees have many opportunities to interact with them.”

Here’s the full lineup of speakers announced for 2017:

  • Rob Pardo (CEO, Bonfire Games, former Chief Creative Officer, Blizzard, Creator and legendary game designer of World of Warcraft and Diablo) keynote speaker, Games
  • Eric Darnell (Chief Creative Officer, Baobab Studios, Director and writer of all 4Madagascar films, Director, Antz) keynote speaker, Animation, Storytelling
  • Joe Letteri (VFX head of Weta Digital. 4 Academy Award winner, Overall VFX supervisor War for the Planet of the Apes) keynote speaker, VFX
  • John Nelson (Overall VFX Supervisor, Bladerunner 2049, Academy Award Winner) keynote speaker, VFX
  • Vicki Dobbs Beck (Exec in Charge, ILMxLab), keynote speaker, Storytelling
  • Cinzia Angelini (Director MILA) keynote speaker, Animation, Storytelling
  • Phil Chen (Founder of HTC VIVE), VR
  • Bill Westenhofer (Overall VFX supervisor, Wonder Woman), Academy Award Winner, VFX
  • Scott Stokdyk, (Overall VFX supervisor, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets) VFX
  • Hal Hickel (Animation Supervisor, Rogue One: A Star A Wars Story) Academy Award Winner , Animation
  • Martin Hill, (VFX supervisor, Academy Technical Achievement Award Winner) VFX
  • Christopher Townsend, (Overall VFX supervisor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) VFX
  • Randy Lake (President of Studio Operations at Sony Pictures Imageworks) VFX
  • Warren Franklin, Executive Producer Cinesite Studios, VFX, Storytelling
  • Shawn Walsh, Executive Producer Image Engine, VFX, Storytelling
  • David Rosenbaum, Chief Creative Officer, Cinesite Studios
  • Mark Osborne (Director The Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda), Animation, Storytelling
  • Kris Pearn (Director The Willoughbys, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) Animation, Storytelling
  • Shannon Tindle (Director/Writer On-ICE,  Conceived Kubo and The Two Strings), VR, Storytelling
  • Kevin Lin (cofounder & COO, Twitch), Games, Storytelling
  • Bernard Yee (EP, Oculus Game VR) VR
  • Jan-Bart Van Beek (Horizon, Studio Director, Guerrilla Games) Games
  • Paul Debevec ( Senior Engineer Google, Academy Award Winner) VR
  • Don Greenberg (Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Graphics Cornell University) VR
  • Elisabeth Morant (TILT BRUSH, Google) Design, VR, Storytelling
  • Maureen Fan (CEO, Co-founder Baobab Studios) VR, Storytelling
  • Larry Cutler (Chief Technical Officer, Baobab Studios) VR
  • Eloi Champagne (National Film Board Canada) Vr, Storytelling
  • Claudio Pedica (Senior Interaction Designer Solfar Studios) VR
  • David Putrino (Telemedicine/Vr Rehabilitation, Icahn School of Medicine @ Mount Sinai) VR, Storytelling
  • Martyn Culpitt (VFX Supervisor, Logan, Image Engine) VFX
  • Mike Ford (Overall VFX supervisor, Smurfs: The Lost Village) VFX
  • Victor Perez (Overall VFX supervisor, Gabriele Salvatores’s The Invisible Boy: Second Generation) VFX
  • Elaina Scott (Animation Supervisor, SUPERGIRL) Animation
  • Kim White (Director of Photography-Lighting, Cars 3, Pixar Animation Studios) Photography/Lighting , Animation
  • Rob Coleman (Head of Animation Lego Batman Movie) Animation
  • Noelle Triaureau (Production Designer, Smurfs: The Lost Village) Animation, Production Design
  • Carlos Zaragoza (Production Designer, The Emoji Movie) Animation, Production Design
  • Shelley LK (Games VC, Managing Partner Affiniti Ventures) Venture Capitalist
  • Leslie Iwerks (Academy Award & Emmy nominated Director) Filmmaking
  • Michael Rubin (Founder & Chief Photo Officer Neonodern) Photography
  • Megan Brain (Paper sculpture designer) Sculpting
  • Jordi García (Director/Partner at Post23) Animation, VFX
  • Shawn Walsh (Image Engine’s Executive Producer) Animation, VFX

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