DigiPro 2018 Program

DigiPro 2018 Program

around the web | July 20, 2018

This year marks the sixth DigiPro, one of our favorite conference all year which brings together ​scientists, ​engineers, ​artists ​and ​producers, ​working ​to ​close ​the ​gap ​between ​research ​results ​and ​industry ​needs. The event has five approximately one-hour sessions which contain multiple presentations as well as a one hour keynote. There is also a lot of time between sessions to network and discuss the presentations with other attendees.

The keynote speaker is Mark Elendt, a Senior Mathematician at SideFX, where he’s spent over 25 years writing code for PRISMS, Houdini and Mantra. He’ll be sharing his top ten bugs over that time period, as well as insights into how the bugs and user feedback are essential to the development of their products.

The full lineup can be found on the DigiPro website (http://dp2018.digiproconf.org/program/), but here’s a quick summary:

Session #1: The Need for Speed

A JIT Expression Language for Fast Manipulation of VDB Points and Volumes
Nick Avramoussis, Richard Jones, Francisco Gochez, Todd Keeler, Matt Warner (DNEG)

LibEE 2 – Enabling Fast Edits and Evaluation
Stuart Bryson, Esteban Papp (DreamWorks)

Abstracting Rigging Concepts for a Future Proof Framework Design
Jesus R. Nieto, Charlie Banks, Ryan Chan (DNEG)

Session #2 – How to Avoid Pulling Your Hair Out

Layering Changes in a Procedural Grooming Pipeline
Curtis Andrus (MPC)

Merging Procedural and Non-procedural Hair Grooming
Gene Lin, Elena Driskill, Dan Milling, Giorgio Lafratta, Doug Roble (Digital Domain 3.0)

Session #3: Pipelines, In the Cloud and Anywhere

Cloud-based Pipeline Distribution for Effective and Secure Remote Workflows
Manne Öhrström, Josh Tomlinson (Shotgun Software); Rudy Cortes, Satish Goda (Pearl Studio)

Genesis: A Pipeline for Virtual Production
Robert Tovell, Nina Williams (MPC)

Session #4: Managing Complexity in Images

Just Get on With It: A Managed Approach to AOV Manipulation
Colin Alway, Patrick Nagle, Gregory Keech (DNEG)

A Scheme for Storing Object ID Manifests in OpenEXR Images
Peter Hillman (Weta Digital Ltd)

Recolouring Deep Images
Rob Pieké, Yanli Zhao, Fabià Serra Arrizabalaga (MPC Shadow Lab)

Session #5: Flashy Things, and How to Get Rid of Them

Firefly Detection with Half Buffers
Keith Jeffery (DreamWorks)

Into the Voyd: Teleportation of Light Transport in Incredibles 2
Patrick Coleman, Darwyn Peachey, Tom Nettleship, Ryusuke Villemin, Tobin Jones (Pixar)

Registration for the event is still open.

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