New release: <em>Cinema 4D Particles Masterclass</em>

New release: Cinema 4D Particles Masterclass

site news | May 13, 2017

In our new Cinema 4D Particle Masterclass, R.P. da Costa goes beyond the basic particle tools available in Cinema 4D and discusses several workflow problems and solutions aimed at real life particle productions. He focuses on topics like inspiration, getting creative with emitters, particle layering strategies, and many x-Particles workflow tips.

The course (full details here) covers all the important thinking particle nodes as well as the importance of having a plan B plus an R&D mindset that is needed in simulation and particle work. Furthermore, a whole class covers troubleshooting certain problems that might occur during particle work. Finally, several scene breakdowns cover workflows and da Costa looks at scene risk assessment and other production tips.

With a membership at fxphd, you’ll get full access to this course along with all of our other over 150 courses. We have a great lineup of Cinema 4D courses, including the following:

Math By Arrows – Procedural Organic Growth in Cinema 4D

“Math by Arrows” is an introduction to the mathematical concepts necessary to generate procedural organic growth inside Cinema 4D. The course visually explains some of the basic mathematical and algorithmic concepts of today’s computer graphics to give you the intuition of the concepts and help you understand what’s going on “under the hood”.

Using Arnold in Cinema 4D

This course demonstrates all the fundamentals about working with the Arnold Render Engine inside C4D. It looks  at several technical and creative aspects of shading, lighting and rendering with Arnold. At the end of this course you should feel comfortable taking on any project with Cinema 4D and the Arnold render engine.

Motion Graphics Production Techniques with Cinema 4D

Tim Clapham explores techniques that will enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. The course consists of several mini-project based classes, covering a huge variety of techniques including general workflow tips, animation, xpresso, lighting and rendering, you will learn from real world principles that will offer practical solutions to your every day production work.

Python Scripting in Cinema 4D

Michael Auerswald looks at Python features from both an artist’s and a TD’s point of view, using hands-on examples. Those that will make use of the Python Generator object, Python effectors, Xpresso nodes and Expression Editor. We’ll also look at more advanced topics like writing your own plugins. Once you get used to writing your own scripts, you will be able to build your own tools, automate those annoying repetitive tasks and simply make your work much more productive.

Procedural Layer Shader Techniques in Cinema 4D

Tony Copolillo uses Procedural Textures, Blending Modes, Folder Groups and Layer Masks to recreate some real-world textures without using any pixel-based imagery such as scanned images or photographs. All the textures created are generated from within Cinema 4D off-the-shelf without the use of expensive third party plug-ins.

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  1. Florent Abega

    Cool training. I want to buy, but i font see the price. I see $20K . I click here but nothing. Please contact me

  2. anglereserve

    Firstly, I’m a new member. This is one of the courses I’ve joined for and it’s excellent. The instructor sheds a lot of light on working with X-Particles without dumbing it down. Great job!


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