BKD: RAW in the 5D Mk II & III

BKD: RAW in the 5D Mk II & III

| May 23, 2013

In this week’s Background Fundamentals class (week 6) we test the Magic Lantern RAW recording on green screen, along with the new Canon supplied clean HDMI output. Both the RAW and HDMI are compared to the standard H.264 results and the conclusions are startling.

Magic Lantern is not even a completed effort by the team of dedicated and talented programmers who have pushed hard to exploit the most from this amazing camera, and yet their 1920×1080 RAW recording is remarkable.

We owe this group serious thanks for their dedication in exploring the boundaries of this amazing landmark camera. This latest experiment is an insight into the possible future of DLSR video and post, and that future is remarkable.

Check it out as part of your standard fxphd membership. BKD is provided free in addition to any courses you take – just another reason fxphd is such a world leader in helping you take your career to the next level.

One Response to “BKD: RAW in the 5D Mk II & III”

  1. Miles van Yperen

    This question is for Mike Seymour:

    I’m planning a test at work with the following cameras to see the difference between them regarding pulling a key in our green screen room. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions that we should consider?

    Canon T3i
    Sony EX-1
    Canon 5D with and without Magic Lantern (Raw)
    Red Scarlet
    Red Epic

    I’m not so much concerned about who wins as much as having a guide to how they compare under the same lighting conditions and subject.

    This test is inspired by your Background series regarding Magic Lantern.

    If it all goes well then I would like to try all the different keyers in Nuke and see what the magic formula is – if there is such a thing. It would be nice to have a chart showing the best and the worst to try to get a better feel for pulling a matte. I realize at this point we don’t have a state of the art green screen room that’s another element to be considered when looking for the perfect set up.


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