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Resolve v10 Fundamentals
Price: $199.00
Resolve v10 Fundamentals will teach you how to use the new DaVinci Resolve v10. Taught by Warren Eagles, this all-new course contains over five hours of training covering the fundamentals of Resolve v10.

Resolve v10 Fundamentals will teach you how to use the new DaVinci Resolve v10 color correction and grading software from Blackmagic Design. Taught by Warren Eagles, this all-new course contains over five hours of training covering the fundamentals you need to know to get most out of this new release. This course is tailored both for current Resolve users and for beginners to DaVinci.

The new release of Resolve is, in Warren’s view, more graphical and easier to use. Warren says that the new release helps you maintain an extremely consistent grade when working with multiple sources, codecs, camera types and footage – as is the norm these days in production.

Warren has been grading for 25 years now. He started in photography before moving into film cutting rooms, then settled into the role of colorist. Warren has vast experience in all forms of grading from Super 8 music videos to feature films. A Resolve user since 2005, he has vast experience of both the software and what can be achieved creatively with it. Warren has his own DaVinci Resolve system in Australia and mixes his time between grading and running training classes for the International Colorist Academy. You can see more at www.warreneagles.com.au.

The fast forward program is standalone instruction with immediate download and does not include access to our discussion forums or VPN software. Samples and clips used during the course are available to download.

Once you purchase the Resolve v10 Fundamentals course, you can immediately download all class instruction videos.


Resolve v10 Course Outline

Class 1: Getting started with Resolve v10 ffw1008-class01

A brief overview of some of the new features in v10 including the new online editing features, the shape tools, plugins, cloner, contrast. Then an overview of DaVinci Resolve Version 10. This class provides a quick start guide designed to get you up and running. You’ll learn how to set the Resolve preferences for media and control panels, and how to get your images into Resolve, including working from a portable HDD.

Class 2: Primary correction ffw1008-class02

“The most important control you will use”. Class two explains Waveform and Vectorscope. You’ll learn how to add contrast and balance a shot correctly. You’ll also see how to use the 3 way Color corrector and Primary controls. In addition this class covers curve grading.

Class 3: Project Settings & Conforming ffw1008-class03

Important project settings so that you setup your project correctly. Then we load in a sequence from an XLM, create a reference clip and grading using track vs clip mode. Also some tips on how to resolve missing footage from an XML import.

Class 4: Secondaries ffw1008-class04

In this class, Warren demonstrates how to spin the hue of a color to another value. He also explains fixed 6 vector secondary’s. You will learn the ins and outs of keying with the qualifier pallet and about secondary hue curves.

Class 5: Power windows & Keyframesffw1008-class05

This class is about ‘making the star stand out from the crowd’. Warren explains Circle, Linear, Poly and Power Curve Windows. Plus you’ll learn about keyframing shapes and colors so they change mid shot, as well as zooming and repositioning in the timeline.

Class 6: Tracking ffw1008-class06

Using the auto tracking module, you’ll learn how to track a shape onto a shot and then fine tune that track using keyframes with manual adjustments and interpolation. Also, you’ll learn how to copy/paste tracking data over to new shapes.

Class 7: Nodes ffw1008-class07

This class delves into serial nodes and mixing them on and off. It also deals with Layer v Parallel – what is the difference, and when to use each one. Warren shows how to use the Key Mixer Node to relight a scene, and how to create some looks using these advanced nodes.

Class 8: EDL Conform with RAW & The Scene ffw1008-class08
cut detector

Here you’ll learn how to conform with an EDL and replace the prores footage with the camera original RAW files. Other aspects to Class 8 include splitting a baked file using the scene cut detector and editing your timeline.

Class 9: Grading digital material, what ffw1008-class09
can we do with it?

This class has an overview of the new metadata controls for RAW files. Warren goes over Red/Epic Alexa F65, F55, BMD, GoPro, Canon 5D and C300 camera footage. He shows how to grade RED HDRx. There’s also a look at zooming and keyframing in the timeline as well as looking at blur and sharpening. Plus a quick overview of the lightbox.

Class 10: Looks and Rendering ffw1008-class10

Warren takes us through creating looks and working with the Gallery. This class also goes over the use of stills, using the Project Memories and PowerGrades. Warren works through creating your own advanced looks and then finishes up the class with exporting and rendering. Also a look at some of the plugins in Resolve v10 and how to use external mattes.


“Warren: I picked this up as a refresher. Since I felt like I was missing things in v9 and your v8 class was hugely helpful for getting me started from Apple Color… I only had a chance to get through the first video yesterday, but I’ve already learned something that I was able to use with a client last night! Client needed an address blurred, and I was able to do one better and flat out remove it with your cloning tip. Thanks for the great info, can’t wait to see what else I missed during the v10 Beta!
-Eric Johnson
Colorist, Los Angeles

“fxphd fastforward with Warren Eagles is time well spent. Plus, you can take the videos with you. I have them in my iTunes. It’s like having Warren with me ready with advice where ever I go.”
- James Wicks
Colorist, Florida

I was worried that I would have a long learning curve like most new programs, but with Warren’s fxphd course when I would get stuck trying to figure out a function, I could easily look up a feature from Warren’s course (QuickTime file) and refresh my memory. I find it easier to learn by watching a movie rather than sifting through a 1000 page manual.
- Adam Eden
Eden Creative, Sydney

“I just wanted to thank you for the online davinci course via fxphd.  Well worth the 200 dollars.  You made the course very easy to understand the program.  I’m a 16 year nonlinear editor that has worked on commercials, tv shows for espn and vs network and countless promotional videos.  I find myself at a crossroads where I want to retire from editing and become a colorist.  I’ve always enjoyed color correction but there is still a lot more I need to know.  I hope my 40s will be the years where I transition from editor to colorist.  By the time I’m 50 that’s all I want to do.”
- Caine Parker
Editor, Florida



Resolve v10 Fundamentals
Price: $199.00
Resolve v10 Fundamentals will teach you how to use the new DaVinci Resolve v10. Taught by Warren Eagles, this all-new course contains over five hours of training covering the fundamentals of Resolve v10.