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Studio Profile: Blur Studio

By Ian Failes - Posted on
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Located in Venice, California, Blur Studio has a wide range of creative experience in visual effects, animation, game cinematics, location based entertainment, commercials and trailers. One of their most recent and well-received pieces was the title sequence for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Mike Seymour visited Blur earlier this year to sit down with Tim Miller, CEO and co-founder.


10 Responses to Studio Profile: Blur Studio

  1. Good interview, wish it could have been longer ! Tim Miller is a great Boss ! love his Philosophy, i’d like to see that more often in other studios ….

  2. Thanks for arranging that interview. I love Blur’s spacecraft work for both Avatar and Aliens of the Deep. It’s encouraging to hear Tim’s own words expressing his creative drive and management style.


  3. Tim miller always gives good interview. I also wish it was longer. i would also like to see regular interviews from him on the jobs he has worked with. He speaks straight and that is refreshing.

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